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Port Hueneme is a lively city located in Ventura County, California, with a population of approximately 22,000 residents. Known for its beautiful beaches, recreational activities, and pleasant Mediterranean climate, Port Hueneme attracts many visitors and offers an inviting community for locals. Like any other city, legal matters may arise, and individuals can rely on a variety of law firms, lawyers, and attorneys that serve the area. These professionals specialize in diverse fields, such as personal injury, family law, criminal defense, and estate planning, providing quality legal services to the community.

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Law Offices of David Chesley

Law Offices of David Chesley

12 reviews
hueneme professional buliding, 720 N Ventura Rd Suite 29
Port Hueneme, California

The Law Offices of David Chesley is a law firm located in Port Hueneme, California, with a criminal law attorney, lawyer David Chesley, at its helm. With more than 35 yea...