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Montrose, California is a picturesque community located in Los Angeles County. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Montrose offers a small-town charm with easy access to the bustling city. When it comes to legal matters, Montrose has a range of law firms, lawyers, and attorneys who cater to the needs of its residents. These professionals provide various legal services, including personal injury law, family law, real estate law, estate planning, and more. With their expertise and experience, Montrose attorneys help individuals navigate the complex legal system and find favorable resolutions to their cases.

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Abkarian and Associates

Abkarian and Associates

98 reviews
3827 Ocean View Blvd
Montrose, California

Abkarian and Associates is a law firm located in Montrose, California. It is run by a general practice attorney and is focused on providing individualized service to each...