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Wetumpka, Alabama, is a charming city located in Elmore County. Known as the "City of Natural Beauty," it offers stunning views of the Coosa River and is home to the picturesque Wind Creek State Park. In terms of legal services, Wetumpka has a number of reputable law firms, experienced lawyers, and skilled attorneys to cater to the legal needs of its residents. These law professionals are well-versed in various areas of law, ranging from personal injury, family law, criminal defense, to estate planning, providing the community with reliable legal guidance and representation.

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Roderick B. Perdue Attorney at Law

Roderick B. Perdue Attorney at Law

12 reviews
2033 Holtville Rd
Wetumpka, Alabama

Roderick B. Perdue is a lawyer based in Wetumpka, Alabama who specializes in family law. He has his own law firm and has been providing expert legal advice and counsel to...